W. Econ. 101: Where Do I Sell Things

Agent Voxine
Agent Voxine forcing the Econ knowledge into your meatbag skulls

Welcome to Wildstar Economics 101, here you will learn the basic principles of surviving and even prospering in the markets of Wildstar.

Did I say markets? Yes, yes I did. To be precise, there are four different avenues for exchanging your hard won treasures wrested from the Nexian wilderness for cold hard currency. Vendors, the Auction House, the Commodities Market, and Private Sales. Choosing what, when and how to sell your items will ensure maximum return for your effort.

Vendors: Vendors are NPCs scattered across Nexus, normally congregating in population centers and safe areas, but not always. There are adventurous purveyors of goods with rare items hidden across the Zones. Vendors will usually buy anything, however the prices they offer are usually low, lower than you will get for selling on the Auction House or Commodities Market. Avoid selling any worthwhile item to them, often you are leaving cash on the table.

One Caveat to that statement, grey items. Items in your bags that are merely there to take up space are grey. If you examine them, they will be labeled junk. Feel free to sell these worthless pieces to vendors. One trick of seasoned adventurers is to collect them while adventuring, and if there is space, sell them if the opportunity presents itself, but to discard them if the space would be better served by holding more valuable cargo.

The Auction House: Ah, so ever-present across so many other worlds (MMO’s), but with it’s own Wildstar twist. First, the Auction House is for individual items. Weapons, Armor, schematics and Housing Plug-Ins are all sold here. An easy way of knowing if it is sold on the Auction House is if it gets it’s own spot and doesn’t stack in your bag space, it is sold on the Auction House.

The Commodities Exchange: Salvaged items, crafting materials, and tradeskill items are all found on the Commodities Exchange. Those precious ores you so diligently mined, the relics you doggedly pursued, the hides you removed from the steaming carcasess of predators who challenged you, all can be bought or sold on the Exchange. For those new to Nexus, when one opens their bags, the button on the lower left will open your salvage bag where such things are stored. They store in stacks of 100 per item before they overflow into your normal bag space.

Private Transactions: However you find your customers, whether in trade chat, forums or just shouting loudly in a major metropolitan area, this way is the only way to remove any fees from going to fund the Glorious Dominion… or whatever shambles the Exiles are pretending is a governing body. Prices are completely negotiated on a case by case basis with only your own experience to judge whether pricing is fair. Caution must be used by both parties to ensure a healthy business arrangement.

Thus concludes today’s overview of the Nexian Economy. next class will be on specific features of each of the differing market spaces.


The Maiden Voyage

Welcome to the Maiden Voyage of the Nexian Cartel. Our Mission, to explore, strive, fail and then succeed in the Wildstar Economy.

This will be rocky, for while the team has years of MMO experience and has made ridiculous amounts of virtual wealth, a blog is something new.

However, the Wildstar community is worth it! So sit back, grab a drink and prepare to take notes, because there is C.R.E.D.D. to be made and Plat to be invested.

An Idiots Guide to Economic Success in Wildstar